How to Tell if Piano Keys are Ivory

how to tell if piano keys are ivory

Since the mid-1800s, many pianos had keys made from elephant ivory. How to tell if piano keys are ivory? In this article, we are sharing several practical ways to identify ivory piano keys. Ivory has been treasured since ancient times for its unique qualities. Moreover, ivory had been a status symbol in many cultures. It represented … Read more

5 Best Digital Pianos Under 300 – 2022 Christmas Edition

best digital pianos under 300

We are here to share our special reviews of the five best digital pianos under 300. Thinking about a holiday gift under $300 or wanting to inspire a youngster to learn piano? This review is for you and to help you to make an informed buying decision without breaking the bank. Finding a keyboard under … Read more

Pianist Hands vs Normal Hands: Demystifying the Differences

pianist hands vs normal hands

When pianists’ hands fly around the piano keyboards and produce fantastic music, do you wonder if they have magic hands? Seriously, pianist hands vs normal hands, what are the differences? You may have often heard “piano hands,” which commonly implies that pianists have large and thin hands with long fingers. This could not be further … Read more

101 Best Dueling Piano Songs for Every Situation

best dueling piano songs

Piano dueling is a fun topic. There are many wonderful songs for dueling pianos. What are the best dueling piano songs? Piano duelings are on many occasions for entertainment, such as fundraising, school, or even street events. However, piano duelings are mainly featured in hundreds of private clubs throughout the United States and Europe. In … Read more

Harpsichord vs Piano – What are the Differences?

harpsichord vs piano

Many digital pianos have a harpsichord sound option which may inspire curiosity about the harpsichord. What are the differences between harpsichord vs. piano? You may have seen some pictures of harpsichords, which look similar to pianos. They have keyboards and strings and soundboards in the back. However, they are very different instruments, including the mechanism … Read more