Decorating Top of Piano Ideas – Creative and Practical

A piano instantly elevates a room’s elegance with its timeless design and polished finish. Whether it’s an upright or a grand piano, its presence exudes sophistication and artistic flair. In this post, we share some creative and practical decorating ideas for the top of the piano.

The sleek lines and craftsmanship of the instrument, combined with thoughtful decor like framed art, plants, and ambient lighting, create a refined and cultured atmosphere.

This harmonious blend of functionality and beauty transforms any space into a stylish and inviting haven.

How to Decorate on Top of Piano

Decorating the top of your piano can transform it into a captivating focal point in your home. While a piano’s primary function is to produce beautiful music, its aesthetic presence can be equally enchanting.

Here are some creative ideas and considerations for decorating the top of your piano.

Elegant Lighting

Place a stylish table lamp on the piano to add warmth and elegance. It also provides light for reading music. Opt for lamps with a design that complements the piano’s style.

Alternatively, you can arrange a few decorative candles or a candelabra. Flameless candles are safe to put on the top of a piano, but not a real candle.

For grand pianos, you may want to put a decorative and stable floor lamp near the piano instead of on top since you will need to open the lid.

Art and Photography

Framed photos of family, friends, or cherished moments are good for displaying on top of a piano. A mix of sizes and styles can create an eclectic yet harmonious look.

Lean a piece of framed artwork against the wall if your piano is against one. This adds depth and a personal touch to the space.

Another creative idea is to display a small sculpture or art piece to add a sophisticated touch. Ensure it’s not too heavy to avoid damaging the piano.

Greenery and Florals

Small potted plants or succulents can bring life and color to the piano. Ensure the pots have felt pads to protect the surface. More importantly, make sure there is no leak from the pot.

A vase of fresh flowers can add a seasonal and vibrant element. Change the flowers regularly to keep the display fresh and appealing.

seaonal decor

There are many piano decorating ideas for your home. You can change the decor according to the season, using autumn leaves, winter holiday decorations, or spring flowers.

Piano Cover

A piano cover can be decorative and protective. It also adds style by complementing the room’s decor and personalizing the piano’s appearance.

At the same time, it protects the piano from dust, scratches, and potential damage from sunlight and moisture, helping to maintain the instrument’s condition and longevity.

Books and Sheet Music

Stack some of your favorite music books or vintage sheet music. This not only looks appealing but keeps your music readily accessible.

Incorporate a few well-designed coffee table books. They will heighten the visual interest.

Thematic Collections

Display a collection of items that mean something to you, such as vintage postcards, travel souvenirs, or small antiques.

Choose items that reflect your personality or musical theme. Figurines of musicians or instruments can create a thematic connection to the piano.

How to Decorate Around a Piano

Ideas of decorating around the piano enhance its visual appeal and create a cohesive, inviting atmosphere in the room. Thoughtful decor complements the piano’s elegance, making it a focal point that reflects your personal style.

Additionally, a well-decorated space encourages more frequent use and enjoyment of the piano, seamlessly blending musical and aesthetic pleasure.

Wall Art

You may create a gallery wall with a mix of framed photos, artwork, and mirrors above or around the piano. This draws attention and creates a visual anchor.

Sometimes, a single, large piece of art can make a bold statement and add focus.

where to put upright piano in house

Surrounding Furniture and Seating

A stylish bench can complement the piano. Comfortable seating should be arranged nearby to create an inviting space for listening to music.

Moreover, placing a small side table with a lamp or decorative items beside the seating area will enhance the room’s appeal and comfort.

Area Rugs

An area rug can define the piano area and add warmth. Choose a rug that complements the color scheme of your room and the piano.

Placing rugs underneath pianos helps absorb sound and protect the flooring from damage. Additionally, this adds an aesthetically pleasing element to the room.


A floor lamp beside the piano can provide additional light for reading music and create a warm ambiance.

If space allows, a chandelier or pendant light above the piano can add a touch of glamour, especially for a grand piano.

Functional Aspects

Decorating the top of a piano and the surrounding area involves logistical factors such as ensuring items do not obstruct the piano’s lid or keys, protecting the surface, and piano balance.

Surface Protection

To prevent scratches, it is a good idea to use felt pads under decorative items. Avoid placing heavy objects or items with sharp edges that could damage the piano’s finish.

Climate and Care

Maintain a stable environment around the piano, avoiding extreme temperatures and humidity changes. For more information about a piano’s room climate, read our post about where to Put a Piano in a House.

Keep plants that require water away from the piano to avoid spills. Never put food or drinks on a piano because spills can harm it.

Weight and Balance

Ensure that the decor is evenly distributed to avoid placing too much weight on one side of the piano. Be mindful of the piano lid’s opening mechanism, ensuring decor doesn’t obstruct it.

It is practical to ensure that the decor does not hinder the piano’s functionality. Items should be easy to move if you need to access the keys, lid, or inner mechanics.


    Carefully chosen decor enhances the piano’s elegance, turning it into a focal point that showcases your personal style. Moreover, a beautifully decorated space promotes more frequent use and enjoyment of the piano, seamlessly merging musical and aesthetic delight.

    Decorating ideas for the top of a piano and its surrounding area, including functional aspects, ensure visual appeal and playing comfort.

    Additionally, choosing decor that complements the piano’s aesthetic and maintaining a stable environment free from extreme temperature and humidity fluctuations ensures visual appeal and enhances the piano’s lifespan.

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