101 Best Dueling Piano Songs for Every Situation

best dueling piano songs

Piano dueling is a fun topic. There are many wonderful songs for dueling pianos. What are the best dueling piano songs? Piano duelings are on many occasions for entertainment, such as fundraising, school, or even street events. However, piano duelings are mainly featured in hundreds of private clubs throughout the United States and Europe. In … Read more

Harpsichord vs Piano – What are the Differences?

harpsichord vs piano

Many digital pianos have a harpsichord sound option, which may inspire curiosity about the harpsichord. What are the differences between harpsichord vs. piano? You may have seen some pictures of harpsichords, which look similar to pianos. They have keyboards and strings and soundboards in the back. However, they are very different instruments, including the mechanism … Read more

7 Beginner Piano Tips to Get You Started

beginner piano tips

Knowing where to start learning piano could be overwhelming. In this article, I will give you seven actionable beginner piano tips to get you started. First thing first, I assume you already have a piano or have access to a piano regularly. If you do not, you need to find a piano, an acoustic or … Read more

Piano Scales for Beginners: 7 Jump-Start Tips

piano scales for beginners

Learning piano, the first thing you start with is the piano scales. Piano scales for beginners are the major scales, and we have seven tips to get you a jump-start. There are several types of scales; however, the two main types are major scales and minor scales. For more details, please check out our article … Read more