5 Best Digital Pianos Under 300 – 2022 Christmas Edition

best digital pianos under 300

We are here to share our special reviews of the five best digital pianos under 300. Thinking about a holiday gift under $300 or wanting to inspire a youngster to learn piano? This review is for you and to help you to make an informed buying decision without breaking the bank. Finding a keyboard under … Read more

Kawai CA49 Review: Does it Worth the Price?

kawai ca49 review

Kawai digital piano CA49 is the successor of the previous popular CA48 from the Concert Artist (CA) lineup. The CA49 has some nice upgrades and improvements from its predecessor. This Kawai CA49 review will have a thorough look at this digital piano. Kawai is an influential global instrument manufacturing company. The award-winning digital piano Concert … Read more

Casio Keyboard Pianos for Beginners

casio keyboard pianos

Casio keyboard pianos have been very popular for the last 40 years. The company was established in 1946. Since 1980, Casio has been producing many budget-friendly keyboards that are widely accessible. The first Casio electrical musical instrument was the Casiotone 201 keyboard. Since then, through multiple generations of evolution, Casio currently offers many affordable keyboard … Read more

Roland FP-30X vs Yamaha P125: What are the Differences?

roloand fp-30x vs yamaha p125

Hi Everyone, this is Anne Watson again, for another digital piano comparison review Roland FP-30X vs Yamaha P125. The Roland FP-30X, one of the latest releases of Roland digital pianos, is the successor of the popular FP-30. Both the Yamaha P125 and Roland FP-30X are mid-range portable pianos marketed for under a thousand US dollars. … Read more

Yamaha Digital Piano Options


Yamaha digital pianos are very popular around the world. However, if you are in the market to purchase a Yamaha digital piano, you’ll find many choices, maybe a bit overwhelming. Within the digital piano category, Yamaha has at least six series. When you include the keyboards and synths, there are even more options. Furthermore, Yamaha … Read more