Roland RP102 Digital Piano Review – 2022 Updates

Hello Everyone, here we are going to share some details about the Roland RP102 digital piano.

Roland RP102 is pretty much in the same price range as the Casio PX 870 and is very well-suited for beginners and intermediates. It is also a great fit for lesson studios.

The RP102 is Roland’s entry-level digital piano for home. Even so, it comes with a respectable sound and great touch.

Once you connect to the app (from Roland) by using the Bluetooth wireless feature, the fun has just begun.

Roland RP102 Digital Piano Specifications

RP102 Specifications
  • Keyboard: 88 keys, progressive hammer action PHA-4 Standard Keyboard
  • Simulator for piano tones only (always on): damper resonance, string resonance, key-off resonance
  • Touch Response: 5 levels, off
  • Sound: SuperNATURAL Piano Sound
  • 128-note polyphony
  • Tones: 15 instrument tones (4 pianos, 11 others)
  • Build-in MIDI recorder: none
  • Keyboard Mode: dual, twin (duet)
  • Metronome – 0 to 12 bets; tempo range: 20-225
  • Pedals: 3 build-in pedals (sustain/damper, soft, sostenuto)
  • Speakers: 2 speakers; 6Wx2 amplifiers
  • Connections: Bluetooth v 4.0, 2 headphones, USB-to-Host, USB-to-device
  • Dimensions: 54.3″ x 16.3″ x 32.2″ (1379 mm x 413 mm x 817 mm)
  • Weight: 83.4 lbs (37.8 kg)
  • Release Date:  September 2017
  • Full specs on Roland’s official site



Roland RP102 presents a compact design in a beautiful cabinet style. It works well in a home or even a small apartment.

The Roland RP102 digital piano only comes with a black finish.

The product was launched in late 2017, and we believe it still has a place in today’s market. Now, we are in 2022, and if you are looking for a digital piano for an affordable budget, the Roland RP102 is worth taking a look at.

The Roland PR102 digital piano goes quite nicely up against the similarly priced range of products. It has the Roland branded progressive hammer action (PHA) 88 keys keyboard.

roland rp102_controls

The onboard control penal is minimal; nevertheless, the Bluetooth wireless connection nicely compensates for feature management.

The exclusive and free Roland Piano Partner 2 app on your mobile device can remotely control many things, including:

  • select the piano’s internal songs
  • turn song pages automatically as you play
  • mute each hand individually
  • freely adjust the tempo during your play



The Roland RP201 digital piano puts out 128 notes worth of polyphony. At this price point, it is kind of down the middle of the road, not the lowest you get.

Polyphony on digital pianos is the maximum number of notes that a keyboard can sound simultaneously.

With the 128-note polyphony, you are fine with the majority of solo piano pieces. You are never going to hit that limit, even though nowadays, some digital pianos have 256-note polyphony.

Roland’s SuperNATURAL Sound

The RP102 also equips Roland’s SuperNATURAL piano engine with cutting-edge technology that provides the most authentic, dynamic, and natural sounds possible.

Instead of having a quiet sample, medium sample, and loud sample for notes like many digital pianos, the SuperNATURAL technology effectively has many layers.

When you play Roland RP102, everything sounds and feels organic and very musical.


The RP201 is furnished with a pair of six-watt speakers. By today’s standards, it is getting on the low side of the spectrum. Still, when you get behind the instrument, you get a remarkably big and clear sound.

Another thing to notice is that RP102 gets more treble compared to Roland’s FP series.

Sound Effects

Roland RP102 allows you to add reverberation (ambiance) and brightness to the sound.

  • Ambiance has 11 levels from 0 to 10 levels (0=off), and the default is set to 2
  • Brightness has 21 levels from -10 to 10, and the default is set to 0

There are also three simulators to meet your preferences. These features are only available for piano tones:

  • String resonance
  • Damper resonance
  • Key-Off resonance

Roland Roland RP102 Digital Piano Keyboard

roland rp102 digital piano: keyboard

The RP201 arms with Roland’s PHA-4 keyboard which is equivalent to more commonly known as a graded weighted action keyboard.

This means the keys are heavier on the bottom and lighter up top, providing the most authentic feel of an acoustic piano.

The 88-key full-size keyboard is with artificial escapement and an ivory feel that enhances finger controls.

The keyboard features a 3-sensor detection system that allows you to play fast key movements smoothly. It ultimately gives you a responsive playing experience.

While the touch-sensitive keys let you control the volume as you play, there is also a touch-sensitivity function to give you even more command of your music.

The RP102 comes with 6 settings of touch sensitivity, five levels plus a fixed setting.

If you set it to the FIX, the sound plays at one set volume regardless of the force used to play the keys. If you use the LIGHT setting, you can achieve fortissimo (ff) with a less forceful touch.


Roland RP102 provides dual and twin (duet) modes.

Dual Mode

It offers two layers of different adjustable sounds. You can combine the tone with a harpsichord, electric piano, or strings.

Dual Mode keyboard

In dual mode, the only sound you can’t use is bass lower. The volume balance can also be adjusted to suit your needs.

Twin (Duet) Mode

It splits the piano into two sections, and two people can play the same pitch range. This is the best option for student/teacher experience.

duet mode

You can also set how the sound is heard, either set to PAIR which enables each side’s sound to be louder on the respective side, or set to INDIVIDUAL which lets each area hear its own speaker.

During the twin mode, the right padel works as a sustain padel for the right side, while the left padel acts as a sustain padel for the left side.


In terms of connectivity, the most noticeable feature of the Roland RP102 digital piano is the Bluetooth wireless connection.


roland rp102 digital piano: Piano Partner 2

The Bluetooth v4.0 connectivity offers wireless communication with music apps on smartphones and tablets of your choice.

While the instrument does not have a control display, you can install a free app Roland Piano Partner 2 on your mobile device, and connect it via Bluetooth.

After connecting, you can use the app to view the status of the RP102 and operate the RP102.

Other Connectors

roland rp102 digital piano: usb-ports
  • USB Type-B (USB-to-Host) – this allows you to connect to a computer to exchange MIDI data or transfer songs to a computer
  • USB Type-A (USB-to-Device) – this is also known as a USB flash drive that allows you to exchange files conveniently
  • Headphone jacks: one stereo 1/4-inch phone jack and a stereo miniature phone plug

Roland Piano Partner 2 App

Roland offers a free mobile companion app called Piano Partner 2 that enables you to enjoy your RP102 even further.

roland rp102 digital piano: piano-partner-2

The app provides a friendly and interactive way to access advanced piano controls and numerous features for education, entertainment, and performance. The Piano Partner 2 app works with iOS and Android devices.

After you connect your mobile device to your RP102, you’ll see the main screen that has seven options. You can access all these functions from your mobile device.

Seven Functions of Piano Partner 2 App


Songs – enables you to access the piano’s onboard song library by category

  • There are over 200 sounds you can choose from
  • The mobile display will be easy to see
DigiScore Lite

DigiScore Lite – displays digital sheet music for the onboard songs

  • You can practice each hand individually by muting the other hand part,
  • It is also possible to use the metronome and adjust the tempo as you wish.

Rhythms – provides accompaniment that automatically follows the chords you play

  • You may select different sounds to play with the rhythms.
  • It allows you to play along with various music styles.

FlashCards – is an interactive music game for developing listening and music-reading skills

  • You are challenged to play a note that is shown on your tablet display
  • In each session, the player is awarded after completing five challenges

Remote Controller – accesses the connected piano function from your mobile device

  • The app display on your mobile device makes it easier to select tones, adjust the keyboard mode, separate the extensive metronome functions, etc.

Recorder – allows you to capture your playing and check your progress

  • It is a valuable learning tool.
  • It is particularly useful for RP102, which does not have a built-in recording function.

Diary – tracks your daily activities

  • You may share your progress on Social Media as you wish,
  • All of your daily performances are captured automatically and stored, so you can listen and review them anytime you like.
  • It provides statistics about which keys were used and the time and duration of your playing sessions. 

Other Functions of Roland RP102 Digital Piano

While the RP102 is the starter model as an entry-level digital piano, it still offers some nice features and functions that sometimes a premium digital piano possesses.



Keeping a good rhythm is vital for every pianist. A built-in metronome is a practical tool that helps the player adjust tempo and time.

It produces a steady pulse (or beat) to help musicians play rhythms accurately.

The RP102 offers 100 levels of metronome volume.

Tuning and Transpose

Master tuning function is available. This allows your piano to match the standard pitch in an ensemble. The master tuning range is 415.3 Hz – 466.2 Hz (default: 440.0 Hz for middle A key).

The Transpose function lets you play a scale for a different scale using semitone steps. For example, if a song is in the E major key but you want to play it using the C major scale keys, you would set the keyboard to transpose to “4.”


roland rp102 digital piano: pedals

The Roland RP102 digital piano is furnished with three beautifully built-in pedals with metal construction.

The Sustain pedal, or Damper pedal, supports a half-damper action that provides a real acoustic piano feel.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
128-note polyphony – enough for most piano pieces Lack of onboard controls and features
Three pedals – closely mimicking the acoustic grand piano Not for portability, best for home use or lesson studios
Compact & sleek design – a complement to any room Low speaker power
Bluetooth Compatibility – connection to mobile device Few piano voices
PHA-4 keyboard – progressive hammer action keyboard  
Free mobile app Piano Partner 2 – enhancing with additional functionalities and bringing fun experiences  

Our Verdict for Roland RP102 Digital Piano

4.5 out of 5.0

When choosing a piano, it’s crucial to find an instrument that suits your lifestyle, budget, and space. The Roland RP102 digital piano may fit the bill. Within its comparable price range, RP102 is one of the winners.

Roland RP102 combines authentic piano performance and onboard/app practice features. It includes some of Roland’s premium piano offerings, such as the graded weighted action keyboard, three integrated pedals, and SuperNATURAL sound.

RP102 is a wonderful pianistic instrument that is capable of producing expressive sound.

If you are a beginner who appreciates mobile technology, RP102 will be your perfect digital piano. You’ll enjoy listening to the built-in songs and leveraging the practice features in your piano journey.

On the other hand, I think the Roland RP102 digital piano is a terrific instrument because of its affordability and pleasure of playing. It is for all levels of experience.

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