Music Fundamentals

Music fundamentals are the basics for learning any musical instrument. The knowledge is needed regardless of whether you are learning guitar or piano. Playing piano comes with many benefits that are backed by science. It gives players physical, mental, and social benefits.

The piano is an excellent first instrument for beginners as it provides a solid foundation in music. The piano is relatively easy to learn because it visualizes the notes and keys. Learning piano is not only for performance success but also a channel for the player’s creative, cognitive, coordination, and personal development.

Before you learn to play piano, it is important to learn some music basics first.

Music Fundamentals

“When you read, you begin with A-B-C. When you sing, you begin with Do-Re-Mi.” – From The Sound of Music.

Do-Re-Mi is precisely where you start. In this learning series from Piano 101 to Music Chords, along with other elements in music theory, you learn the basics and reading of music sheets.

While these introductory series share music concepts, it is still required for hands-on learning, whether via online lessons or piano teachers. Check out our reviews on Flowkey and PianoForAll (Piano For All) online learning programs.

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