Piano Bench (Stool): How to Find the Best One For You

Why do you need a piano bench?

Technically, when playing the piano, you can sit on anything as long as you can reach the keys. It is just like when using a computer; you can use any chair.

However, having the correct type of seating can make a big difference with both a piano and a computer. In contrast to using a computer work chair, you do not want to have a chair or stool with wheels for playing the piano.

How Does a Piano Bench Impact Your Playing?

Depending on the situation, pianists lean forward to play quieter and lean backward to play louder.

Furthermore, playing massive chords and arpeggios necessitates sweeping arm motions. The piano isn’t only something you do with your fingers!

At the absolute minimum, you should sit on something without armrests or wheels. A sturdy piano chair provides the best support for expressing yourself and performing dynamically over the treble and bass ranges.

This will give your upper body the freedom to move around and strike those high and low notes without restriction.

How to Choose The Best Piano Pench?

How to choose

The most comfortable piano bench will, without a doubt, be of high quality.

It is expected that users would be able to sit on the bench for long periods while playing and practicing.

In addition to being extraordinarily robust and sturdy, a top-of-the-line device should be capable of withstanding the test of time.

There is, of course, a distinction between the sort of stool ideal for a digital piano and the type of bench suitable for a less portable acoustic piano.

Each piano bench carries its own advantages and features. You should select the one that best fits your needs.

Wood Top Piano Benches

Wood-top piano benches are generally available in several configurations, including leg style, wood finish color, and polishing choices.

Piano benches with wood tops are renowned for their beauty, as their exquisite finish complements your piano and creates a luxurious appearance for your piano.

Wood tops are also quite sturdy, and they will last for many years.

A weathered wood-top piano bench may always be refinished, resulting in a bench that looks and feels like new many years after you purchase it.

Cushioned Top Piano Benches

Cushioned piano stools are a stylish and comfortable addition to any piano room.

A cushioned or padded piano chair has a design comparable to a wood-top piano stool. A cushioned top piano bench is beneficial for sitting on for extended periods.

Nowadays, most piano benches have cushioned or padded tops. The cushion materials vary from genuine leather and upholstery to faux leather. Usually, benches with genuine leather cushion tops are pricer.

Piano Bench Features

When selecting a piano bench, you’ll also need to think about these features:

  • Adjustability
  • Storage
  • Portability
  • Size

Let’s delve into some of the details.

adjustable style

Adjustable Piano Benches

There are several advantages to using adjustable benches. Because many pianists are not of “average” height or weight, this is a problem.

If you are on the taller or shorter side of the spectrum, adjusting your bench to a comfortable size will significantly influence your playing ability and enjoyment.

Adjustable benches are especially perfect for families with many people of varying sizes who take turns playing.

An unavoidable drawback of adjustable benches is that they do not usually come with storage. They also tend to be more expensive.

Piano Bench with Storage

Many piano benches come with storage compartments. They are super convenient for you. You can keep all your sheet music and songbooks in one place, right under where you sit.

If your space is tight, the piano bench with storage will be a terrific choice.

with storage style

Sizes and Portability of Piano Benches

Piano benches come in a variety of sizes. Depth, width, and height are the measures commonly used.

They can be categorized by width into three groups:

  • Keyboard bench
  • Single-person bench
  • Duet size bench
Image Description Width Range Portability
keyboard bench icon Keyboard benches are the smallest. Many have X-style designs. They can be folded and are easy to transport. 15″ ~ 20″ Usually can be folded and are easy to transport.
piano bench-icon Single-person benches are the most popular. 20″ ~ 29″ Mostly for home use.
duet bench-icon Duet-size benches are for two people to play together. > 29″ Mostly for home or lesson studio use.

In Summary …

It is crucial to maintain proper posture. In addition, the earlier you establish positive behaviors, the better. Hence, you want a piano bench that meets your needs.

Improved technique is also facilitated by good posture practices. Wrists that aren’t sagging and hands that can easily reach the keyboard result in faster playing and better articulation.

Personally, I like to sit higher, so my piano keyboard is at a slightly lower level than my elbow. This is a purely personal preference.

The most portable keyboard bench

will be an ideal fit for your keyboard or portable digital pianos. In contrast, the duet bench will be perfect for the duet, as the name implies.

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