Baldwin Upright Piano Values – Unlock the Timeless Elegance

baldwin upright piano values

When it comes to pianos, the name “Baldwin” holds a special place in the hearts of musicians, collectors, and enthusiasts. Among its offerings, Baldwin upright pianos are a testament to quality, making them highly sought after in the piano market. In this article, we share some perspectives on Baldwin upright piano values, both in terms … Read more

Wurlitzer Piano – The Timeless Charm

wurlitzer piano

You may have seen a Wurlitzer piano at someone’s home or a showroom. Wurlitzer pianos traditionally hold a special place in the world of musical instruments. Known for their unique tonal qualities, vintage charm, and rich history, these pianos have captured the hearts of musicians and collectors alike. In this article, we will explore the … Read more

Are Kimball Pianos Good? What Happened?

are kimball piano good

In the 19th and 20th centuries, Kimball was one of the largest manufacturers of pianos in the world. Many Kimball pianos are still in existence, even though the company is no longer producing pianos. Are Kimball Pianos good? What did happen to the company? Here, let’s look at why Kimball Pianos were popular for over … Read more

How Much Does a Fazioli Piano Cost?

How Much Does a Fazioli Piano Cost

Pianos come in various types, ranging from upright pianos to grand pianos. Each type has its own unique sound and features. Prices can vary significantly depending on the types, makers, and how the pianos are made, from mass production to handcrafted. Luxury pianos, such as Fazioli pianos, are high-end, handcrafted pianos made by master artisans. … Read more

Gulbransen Piano Value – How to Estimate

gulbransen piano value

Even though the Gulbransen Company is no longer in business, and no new instruments have been produced these days, some vintage Gulbransen pianos still exist. They can be found on the used piano market or in private collections. How to estimate a Gulbransen piano value? In this article, we are sharing information on gauging the … Read more