Casio PX-S7000 Review

Casio’s new addition to the Privia digital piano line is the PX-S7000. It is a beautifully designed instrument. In this Casio PX-S7000 review, let’s take a closer look at this affordable, high-quality, and well-built instrument.

The Casio Privia PX-S7000 is about 32 lbs, still portable for gigs, even though it has a wood-sided key hammer action. On top of that, this digital piano has nice sounds, great features and controls, and diverse connectivity, including Bluetooth.

Casio PX-S7000 Specification

PX S7000 Specifications
  • Keyboard: 88 keys, Smart Hybrid Hammer Action Keyboard
  • Simulator: 8 types, including Key Off simulator, string resonance, damper resonance, etc. 
  • Touch Sensitivity: 5 levels, off
  • Sound: Multi-dimensional Morphing AIR
  • Effects: 8 reverb types and 12 chorus types
  • 256-note polyphony
  • Tones: 400 voices
  • Build-in MIDI recorder: 2 tracks and five songs
  • Build-in Audio recorder: 99 songs
  • Setting Registrations: 96 settings
  • Mode: Dual (Layers), Split, Duet
  • Metronome: 9 beats plus 20 types of drum patterns
  • Speakers: 8Wx4 amplifiers
  • Connections: 2 Headphones stereo jacks (one 1/4″ and one mini), sustain pedal jack, 3-pedal unit jack, USB-to-Host, USB-to-Device, Line Out, Bluetooth via an included USB adapter
  • Dimensions with stand and music rest: 52.75″ (W) x 17.7″ (D) x 30.6″ (H) (1340 mm x 449 mm x 903 mm)
  • Piano only dimension: 52.75″ x 9.25″ x 4.01″ (1340 mm x 235 mm x 102 mm)
  • Piano only Weight: 32.62 lbs (11.4 kg)
  • Release Date: Q4 2022
  • Full specs on Casio’s official site


The latest Casio Privia digital piano, PX-S7000, is a beautiful and versatile instrument that fits any decor, either sitting against a wall or in the middle of the room.

I believe the Casio PX-S7000 also has achieved a good balance between buttons and a screen that enables easy operation with a clean, minimalist, contemporary look. The LCD screen, lights, and panel buttons fade away and disappear when playing.

casio px-s7000 three colors

While Casio offers black and white colors for PX S7000, I think the “Harmonious Mustard” is the best-looking color.

This deep yellow finish is extraordinary, bringing something special to the contemporary feel of this piano.

The contemporary design does not end with the color; the overall design is beautiful. Its wooden legs are sturdy and detachable.

PX-S7000 has a grey-colored bottom that blends harmoniously with the whole instrument; moreover, the triple-pedal unit has the matching color of the keyboard.

The clear plastic music rest feels sturdy and can be easily installed and detached.

casio px s7000 harmonious mustand piano
control penal

control penal

One of the significant improvements is the User Interface (UI). It is much more intuitive than previous Casio Privia models.

The LCD screen is not a touch screen but is compensated using a Touch Ring. All buttons and wheels are extremely responsive without obvious lag.

Still, Casio has programmed a comprehensive list of Function Button Groups containing preset shortcuts for registrations, effects, microphone controls, and piano and electric piano sound collections. Additionally, you can mix and match any configuration for any features you need.

As a matter of fact, the UI offers a fluid and intuitive experience so that you do not need to refer to the user’s manual.

Sound of Casio PX-S7000

The PX-S7000 features Casio’s Multi-Dimensional Morphing Acoustic Intelligent Resonator (AiR) sound engine. It combines both recorded samples and mathematical modeling to produce the sound.

This digital piano offers 400 tones. Out of the 400 tones, 93 are acoustic piano and electric piano tones. It is worth noting that the PX-S7000 includes three legendary concert grand piano samples from Hamburg, New York, and Berlin.


Casio has improved the sound engine of this digital piano by adding configurable string, damper, aliquot, and open string resonance for a warm, woody, detailed, and organic sound.

Additionally, you can also recreate the micro-sounds an acoustic piano makes, such as damper noise and key on and off noises. All these various sympathetic vibrations make this digital piano sound organic and alive.


The sound engine offers spatial simulation and EQ settings. Whether you let the PX-S7000 sit in the middle of a room, against a wall, or on top of a table, you can hop into the function menu and set the piano position. The instrument optimizes the sound projection with the sense of space around the piano.

With eight Hall simulators, including famous concert halls such as Berlin, Vienna, L.A. Halls, and a British Stadium, you can close your eyes and transport yourself to these venues with a touch of a button.

The PX-S7000 comes with a standard triple pedal system; you get the soft, sostenuto, and damper controls of a grand piano – an important feature for advanced pianists.

400 Tones

There are 39 piano and electric piano tones replicated from hits by famous artists such as Imagine, Queen, Adele, Coldplay, the Beatles, Billy Joel, Chicago, etc.

Within the 400 onboard tones, about 290 encompassing pianos, electric pianos, organs, brass, woodwind, string, and synth. The remaining 100 tones are general MIDI voices.

For a richer tone, up to 2 voices can be layered, and different voices can be split across the keyboard. A mixer allows you to adjust the volume mix of all the different parts.

Additional Controls

additional controls

For electronic music, the PX-S7000 has an arpeggiator and powerful live controls. The pitch bend wheel can be assigned to target specific layers and parts. The Control button can be used to trigger modulation and turn on and off rotary speaker effects for use with organ tones or portamento for legato playing.

The two EX buttons are assignable to trigger any imaginable function.


The four-speaker system on the PX-S7000 delivers 32 watts worth of output power. The speakers are in the back of the instrument and offer a spread from where you play the piano.

According to Casio, the outer speakers are some diffuser that allows you to get some sense of spatial surrounding sound.


casio px-s7000 keyboard

For the compact size of the PX-S7000, Casio managed to put excellent action on this digital piano.

The 88-graded Smart Hybrid Hammer Action keys signify that the keys on the lower registers are heavier, and they get progressively lighter towards the higher registers.

Unlike most digital pianos at this price range with plastic keys, the PX-S7000 comes with 88 real spruce wood siding keys. These keys enhance the expressiveness and convey a warm and organic feel from micro-reverberations transmitted to players’ fingertips.

The matte and very lightly textured resin surface of both the black and white keys offer players confidence during a performance or extended practice.

Moreover, the PX S7000 offers many configurable features, including five touch velocity options, hammer response, and key-off response.

Last but not least, the PX-S7000 has a much quieter action than the previous Casio Privia models. Mechanically, it feels tighter and more solid. There is more cushioning on the way down as well as on the way up.


This Casio Privia digital piano, PX-S7000, has impressive connectivity, with some improvements that give you a better experience.

Headphone Jacks

The PX-S7000 comes with two headphone jacks – ¼” and ⅛” – ensuring it will fit any pair of headphones you have. The dual headphone jacks also allow both teacher and student to put on a pair of headphones each during lessons and not disturb those around them.

Moreover, the headphone jacks are conveniently located in front of the instrument. I especially appreciate this kind of easy access.

Microphone Connection

For singers, there’s a microphone input with an advanced effects section, including a tri-band EQ, phaser, chorus, delay, flanger, tremolo, and overdrive to enhance your voice and help your vocals sit well in the mix.

An advanced mixing panel allows you to adjust the volume, reverb, chorus, backing tracks, mic input, and MIDI sound playback. Your performances and vocals can also be recorded as an audio track.

Bluetooth MIDI

A wireless MIDI connection allows you to use the PX-S7000 as a MIDI controller to connect to your laptop or tablet for use with music learning or music production apps.

In order to use the Bluetooth connection, an included adapter needs to be plugged into the USB Type-A port in the back of the piano.

USB Connectors

This digital instrument comes with USB Type A and USB Type B ports for wired connection.

Line Out

The Casio PXS7000 features quarter-inch (1/4″) dedicated audio outputs. It is ready for plugging into an external amplifier or Public Address (PA) system.

Padel Jacks

Besides the tri-pedal unit connector, PX-S7000 also has an assignable single-pedal input. This further enhances the portability since you do not need to lug your triple pedal module around while you are gigging.

Additional Features

  • Metronome with Rhythms: The onboard metronome has more than just a boring click track. You get 20 well-programmed rhythms encompassing Bossa Nova, Salsa, Swing, pop, etc. These rhythms offer you the extra groove when practicing.
  • Onboard Recorder: Audio and MIDI song recordings are also available if you wish to edit your playing after recording. These recordings can be saved onto a USB drive for portability.
  • User Setting Registration: The available method to save your personalized configurations for rapid retrieval becomes indispensable for a keyboard of considerable capability featuring numerous parameters that users can customize. Therefore, the PX-S7000 has 96 user registration slots to capture and quickly recall your settings.
  • Battery Operated: If you do not have access to an electrical outlet, don’t worry; all you need are eight “AA” batteries to power up the instrument.

Casio Privia PX-S7000 Pros & Cons

pros and cons

Pros Cons
256-note polyphony Short pivot lengths on the keys
Casio Multi-dimensional Morphing AIR sound with 3 top concert grand piano voices Bluetooth capability requiring an adapter (included)
Smart Hybrid Hammer Action keys with spruce sides  USB drive port on the back of the piano
400 onboard voices and matching tones for well-known piano hits  
Sturdy matching stand and overall sleek design  
Easy to take off the piano from the stand for gigging  
A premium quality digital piano  

Our Review and Verdict On Casio PX-S7000

4.9 out of 5.0

In summary, the Casio PX-S7000 is a very nice digital piano. It is a top-of-the-line Privia piano in a premium price range –

  • The intuitive user interface is easy to navigate.
  • Tons of sounds are available to choose from.
  • Three celebrated concert grand piano sounds (Hamburg, New York, and Berlin) excite any pianists.
  • New Smart Hybrid Action closely mimics the acoustic grand piano.

The Casio Privia PX-S7000 is a remarkable new addition to the Casio Privia line. It will win over many hearts and minds, both beginners and professionals.

The PX-S7000 is a station piano by default. However, by removing four thumb screws on the wooden stand, the piano can be easily lifted off and used as a portable stage piano.

In addition to its stunning appearance and impressive sound quality, the PX-S7000 digital piano offers a wealth of attributes and capabilities that render it highly suitable for music instruction and singing and as a fundamental synthesizer/workstation and MIDI controller.

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