How to Get Rid of a Piano – Options for Removal, Sale, or Donation

The decision to part with a piano can be a challenging one, whether due to lack of space, disuse, or the need to upgrade. The related question always comes up: how to get rid of a piano?

Pianos are not only significant musical instruments but also often carry sentimental value. When it becomes necessary to get rid of an old piano, several options are available, including free removal, selling, or giving it away.

This article takes a look at some options and provides guidance on how to navigate the process.

Free Removal Options

There are free removal options that enable you to responsibly dispose of your old piano while potentially benefiting others who can use or repurpose the instrument.

Please keep in mind that in general, digital pianos are much lighter than acoustic pianos, hence digital pianos are easier to move from one location to another. The portable digital pianos are specially made for carrying around.

Local Charities and Nonprofits

Many charitable organizations accept donations of pianos, especially if they are in good condition. Therefore, contact local schools, churches, community centers, or music programs to see if they might be interested in taking the piano off your hands. They may even arrange for free pickup.

Piano Removal Services

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Some professional piano removal services or local piano shops offer free pickup in exchange for the piano, which they may refurbish or recycle. Ensure that the service you choose is reputable and eco-friendly.

Piano shops usually have certain criteria about the models that they provide free piano removal. For reselling purposes, piano shops normally are interested in pianos that are newer models, tuned in recent years, and in overall good condition.

Online Classifieds and Community Forums

Websites like Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace often have individuals or organizations looking for free pianos. However, it is important to be cautious and prioritize safety when arranging for strangers to come to your home.

Selling Your Piano

Putting your piano in a marketplace is a viable option when looking to get rid of your piano. Selling your piano allows you to recoup some of its value and potentially provide it to someone who will continue to appreciate and use it. Accurate descriptions and fair pricing are essential for a successful sale.

Piano Dealers and Retailers

Local piano dealerships may purchase used pianos, even if they are in need of minor repairs or refurbishing. They might offer trade-in value or a purchase price.

Online Marketplaces

Websites such as eBay, PianoMart, or Reverb are platforms where you can list your piano for sale. Provide detailed descriptions, clear photos, and an accurate assessment of the piano’s condition to attract potential buyers.

Local Classifieds and Auctions

Posting your piano in local classified ads or participating in local auctions can be an effective way to find buyers within your area.

For more detailed information on selling a piano, check out our article Where to Sell a Piano.

Giving Away Your Piano

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Giving away your piano can be a meaningful choice for parting with the instrument. Especially, the giving allows you to share the instrument’s legacy with someone who will continue to appreciate and use it. Additionally, it can be a generous act that brings joy to others.

Friends and Family

Consider offering the piano to friends or family members who might appreciate it. This allows you to keep it within your social circle and ensure it goes to a good home.

Music Schools and Teachers

Reach out to local music schools or private music teachers who might be interested in acquiring a piano for teaching or practice purposes.

Online Platforms

Websites like Freecycle or Nextdoor can help you connect with individuals in your community who are actively seeking free items, including pianos.

Recently, I came across a piano classified website Piano Adoption. The platform is committed to locating new homes for all functional pianos, acoustic or digital, at no cost. This prevents old pianos from being discarded in landfills.


When it’s time to get rid of a piano, it’s essential to explore your options carefully. There are free piano removal resources, selling options, and giveaway choices.

  • Local charities and nonprofits or piano removal services, can help you dispose of the instrument responsibly.
  • Selling the piano can be a practical solution, especially if it’s in good condition, and various platforms can assist in connecting you with potential buyers.
  • Lastly, giving away your piano to friends, family, or music-related organizations allows you to share the instrument’s legacy with those who will continue to appreciate it.

Remember that the process of disposing of a piano should be handled thoughtfully. Moreover, consider the instrument’s history and significance when making your decision.

Whether you choose to donate, sell, or give it away, ensure that the piano finds a new home where it can continue to bring joy and music into someone’s life. It is a meaningful way to part with this cherished instrument.

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