The Language of Music: Rich and Vibrant

the language of music

The language of music conveys meaning and brings out an emotional reaction. Like spoken language, music is a means of communication. Moreover, It is actually older than the spoken language. Over the centuries, composers and musicians have created a language that can convey happiness, sadness, shock, and victory as effectively as the words of poetry … Read more

Top 5 Benefits of Listening to Music

the benefits of music

Scientific research shows that there are numerous benefits of music. Music can improve your mood and mental state, enhance your attention and memory, and boost your intelligence and problem-solving ability. Additional health benefits include decreasing pain and anxiety, helping heal, reducing blood pressure, and improving sleeping quality. As the advice from Johns Hopkins Medicine: “If … Read more

The Power of Music – What Does It Mean?

the power of music

Many people may know the term The Power of Music. However, what does exactly it mean? We are launching this Listening to Music series to share our experiences of listening to music and its powerful impact on us. We also hope this series provides some insights to develop music appreciation. Why do we listen to … Read more

The NAMM Show Is Back

the namm show

After two years pause, the NAMM Show is back. It is the annual event of the National Association of Music Merchants and the biggest music trade show in the world. There were more than 3,500 brands showcasing their latest products, including many well-known piano brands like Kawai, Yamaha, Casio, etc. During the three eventful days, … Read more

Musical Chords – The Combination of Tones

musical chords

Musical chords consist of two or more tones (or pitches) that sound simultaneously. In our Music Fundamentals series, we have been laying building blocks one brick at a time. From explaining the Western music notations to exploring piano scales and musical intervals, let’s devote some attention to musical chords and harmonization. In this post, we … Read more

Transposition In Music – How Does it Work?

transposition in music

Transposition in music is the act of changing the pitches of a piece of music from one key signature to another but not altering the relationships between these tones. In a band or orchestral music, various instruments have different pitches and fingerings. Using transposition would make it easier to play a specific instrument. In vocal music, … Read more

Music Expression – The Marks on Musical Sheets

music expression

Music expression is the surface details of musical sound. Thus, it is how the music is played or expressed. Why do people listen to music? It is because music’s expression grabs our attention and evokes our emotional response. In order to read, write, or understand music, one must learn the expression signs, words, and abbreviations, … Read more