What is the Height of a Piano Keyboard?

height of a piano keyboard

I don’t believe that there is a standard height for a piano keyboard; however, conventionally, the piano height is measured from the floor to the top of the white keys, and it is between 28 and 30 inches. This height suits most adult players. It raises the question of how this one size can fit … Read more

Bluetooth Audio and Bluetooth MIDI on Digital Pianos

bluetooth audio

The world has gone wireless, in case you have not noticed. We are now living in a world growing more wireless by the day – wireless speakers, wireless headphones, wireless mobile phone charging, etc. Many digital pianos have also gone wireless, supporting Bluetooth Audio and Bluetooth MIDI. In today’s wireless world, Bluetooth® technology plays a … Read more

Famous Broadway Musicals

famous Broadway musicals

No discussion of American popular music would be complete without the mention of Broadway musicals. We all know several famous Broadway musicals, such as Oklahoma! (1943), West Side Story (1957), Chicago (1975), Phantom of the Opera (1986), Hamilton (2015), etc. The Broadway musical is a form of American popular musical theater that emerged in the … Read more

What is Rock Music? The Music of Rebellion

what is rock music

What is rock music? It is a popular music genre that consists of diverse sub-styles. Many of the different styles originated from a culture of rebellion. Regardless, rock music has contributed to the pop mainstream. The diversity of subgenres as well as the sheer number of rock composers and musicians made it difficult to define … Read more

Video Game Music: Impact on the Music World

video game music

Video games have evolved a great deal and they possess increasingly elaborate visual and sound effects. Video game music is where popular culture and symphonic music have come together in recent years. Many concert halls have held concerts that have orchestral renditions of gaming music. Although many games draw from classical musical masterpieces, original video … Read more

Musical Styles – Evolution of Pop Music

music styles

Over the last century, musical styles have experienced a most diversified and conflicting period. Indeed, the art of music turned into mostly unprecedented new ways of musical expression. There are numerous types of music existing around the world, which are known as music genres. Genre in musical terminology is a fancy word for “type of … Read more

Symphony Orchestra – How the Instruments Play Together

symphony orchestra

The modern Western symphony orchestra is one of the largest musical ensembles and surely the most colorful. While a symphony orchestra varies in size, at full strength, it can have upward of one hundred musicians with over twenty different instruments. We reviewed most of these instruments in the Musical Instruments post. Do you wonder how … Read more

5 Groups of Orchestra Musical Instruments

musical instruments

Musical instruments come in groups based on having the same basic shape and same materials. All cultures have their own music and instruments. In this post, we are focusing on the instruments used in Western music. Western musical instruments usually are divided into five groups: String Instruments Strings are the most dominant musical instruments around … Read more